Tuesday, 8 November 2016


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Can you hug? Oh! Sure you can! Do you need a Hug?
It’s quite simple that we all have hugged, felt what it feels like to be hugged!
You can need a hug any time, anywhere but why?
Hug is a three-letter word that has the power to change your life because sometimes you don’t want to hear any more, you’re already sick of hearing, you don’t need any compliments or opinions.
What you want is a Hug!

I’ll unlock the secrets of hug and here I’ll let you know why you need a hug?
So, Patience Man!
Your point is coming soon.

1. Loneliness/anger.

When people feel lonely what do they do?
When people feel angry what do they do?
I’ll tell you,
they lock themselves in their houses and start crying for hours and hours;
they use sarcastic words and throw rubbish stuff on people that may even break their relation forever.
That’s what normal people do!
Is that enough for replacing the loneliness and anger?
I believe “not”
because sometimes we actually need something different, something that’s going to make us feel good.
Well, we all need a hug that time.
Like no, there is someone who cares about you!
It’s going to calm you down, you’ll actually feel it,
and your anger will vanish the moment you’re hugged!
A HUG, that’s what it takes.

2. When you feel blessed.

You know whenever you do something extraordinary or anything that’s cool, perhaps a great job! People often say “congrats”
we go all-night-partying, rock the stage but still we lack the feeling of happiness which we were supposed to be.
Yes, your best friend may have organised a party, said a big congrats! Isn't there something else?
‘It’s a simple tight hug’
So, if anyone among you hasn't hugged your friend, best friend or anyone close enough,
I suggest ‘RUN AND HUG ‘EM’

3. You’re hurt.

Have you ever felt the pain of losing someone? Like your brother’s dead or someone very close to you just died?
It hurts, when you do everything to bring the person back and you know you can’t.
It hurts when your best friend leaves you, it even hurts when someone ignores you.
Even a simple word can hurt a person.
With all this pain and suffering what adds up is the “people’s talk”
They try to give you a long brief family lecture and what not!
That hurt’s even more because we all stop at a unique conclusion ‘no one understands me’
Suddenly like a superman someone comes ‘say’s nothing’ and just hugs you.
How amazing it feels, like heaven!

4. Sick of ‘HEARING SORRY’

“Baby, I went out with James… I'm so sorry, I couldn't just ignore him…”
and you’re like “um…no problem, it’s OK”
this can destroy your relation!
‘She can’t see’ it was important for her but what it did with you!
Well! Girl, Sorry isn't enough. Not every time!
We get angry when every time they do stupid things and instead of making that right or even try to,
what they actually say is “SORRY”
like it’s the only thing people should survive on.
‘Not every time’ but sometimes you need to make the second person calm down.
Explain why you did that and hug him for some time.
TRUST ME! He’s never going to talk about that ever again.

5. Broken Hearts

“Break up” most common word we hear from people mostly High-School kids. Ha-ha! It’s funny but reality is funnier than kid’s falling in true love at this tinder age.
Kids actually take break-up so seriously that some even get depressed, some end their life and blah-blah.
So, ‘breakup’ is a very serious question even I've seen how it effects, changes a human.
It takes time to heal up, I know!
And God, when you miss that person, you start crying and crying and crying.
We expect good from others, don’t we?
what actually we get is a 500 words lecture on ‘how stupid you are, how stupid he is and you’ll find a better mate’
c’mon this is insane!
Hug won’t heal you, but what it’s going to let you find some peace.
Just tell them everything is going to be aright and just hug them. A HUG works there, maybe a chocolate in advance.
Make them feel special.

P.S. hope you like this!