Sunday, 6 November 2016


The story of pride and the story of a king
the not so-well known town
glowing beauty and miraculous bounds
its growing nails as ancients gave it a baby name
known as 'Suyyapur' in antiquity
seems to me a peculiar noun
its famous for apple orchards
and of course Asia’s largest fruit mandi
our town narrates a story of once
happy and prosperous town
officials neglected and blood all around
we gave blood and sweat for our freedom
instead we got a slum and land of pro-freedom
from slummy roads to muddy water
from infrastructure to clouds
our Sopur is a model of underdeveloped town
once known as CHHOTA LONDON
blood spread out and turned into bloody atmosphere
witnessing reign of fear, blood , and death
while garbage is adding underneath out heads
the town has now become slum
which lacks even amenities
the markets which once were bustling
look ! they are full of stink and foul smell
we need to take a step
to end this helpless flet
join the pride and raid away
change the swept, change the whole state !