Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Rebuilt after you fall – 44 ways to overcome depression.

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Letting us down is easy for others, what we go through is hell lot then they would have every thought. Depression may be because of many reasons like someone let’s you down or you lose some one. Even I was suffering from depression, I couldn't tell my parents or anyone. I did what my brain told me to do, I improved on my own!
Today I feel much better and happy then I used to be. So, here is a list of the things I did to overcome my depression! When are you going to improve yours?                         

                          ·       Wake up early.

·       Don’t think too much.

·       If you can't sleep, think about falling asleep.   (Just falling asleep)

·       Learn something new. E.g. sketching, dancing

·       Don't stay alone, No never!

·       Learn cooking, help your mama.

·       Learn new recipes e.g. how to make cake, cookies, samosa

·       Watch movies.

·       Watch Hollywood dramas. (because Bollywood is too much stressful)

·       Write about stuff. E.g. what’s happening, make your  own stories

·       Make a journal. (Write about your day, what you did,   and how you’ll improve it)

·       Study a bit.

·       Do the things you like the most

·       Chat with your friends.

·       Find a person to share your sorrow with.

·       Meet your friends.

·       Party!

·       Exercise daily.

·       Share the funniest jokes.

·       Call your friends.

·       Have fun with family. (Learn about your mom's childhood; hear stories from your grandpa)

·       Make a list of do and don’t.

·       Restart the hobby you left. E.g. gardening, writing

·       Use social media, try making new

·       Listen to songs.

·       Start yoga.

·       Go on a walk every day.

·       Hang out.

·       Play games. (Play video games with your brother or play some outdoor game. like football, badminton.) (You can even play on-line games.)
·        Read books.

·       Laugh!

·        Set fire to your past and let it burn.

·       Change your own fate.

·        Don't think negative.

·        Be happy!

·        Don't cry! Be strong.

·        Irritate others. E.g. irritate people walking on the road or irritate your family member or friends.

·        Eat! Eat! Eat!

·        Go on vacations. (Smell nature, feel it!)

·         Don’t be lazy.

·        Eat healthy

·       Pray to God everyday (pray Nimaz five times a day)

·       Don’t lose hope!

·        GO CRAZZY.