Sunday, 6 November 2016

Out grace!

This is a true story of two boys, born from the same soil, same nature, same place "Kashmir"
It’s just not a story but an inspiration for all of us.
The mother was crying, crying because of happiness, crying because a child of her own was born. This was the second rose of her life. Full of merriment, people walked from their door steps and smiled but who knew what this exuberance would cost! A movement of silence and the mother takes her last breath. Smiling faces turned into weeping ones. The joy was evaporated. People took her coffin and continued enjoying their lives. 
The catastrophe was for the sons, their father who else? Snapping the door and crying all day was not the solution. After a much time-lapse their father married once again. Same old merriment and happiness, same old people, the light of dark came back but people in Kashmir are meant to be happy for some time. The step-mother was a vicious and brutal lady. She took boys as granted! Step-mother like most of them used to make the kids work, used to beat them brutally. Summer or winter the boys had to sleep on paths, they used to stay hungry for days. They even stayed in Masjid till late nights. They had nothing of their own but like other kids they wanted to study. It was their fortunate in some way as they used to study in government school and did a part time job in market places, even sometimes they used to wash clothes, clean utensils for their survival. 
“Men are nothing more than clowns to woman” so father was left with nothing! 
Their brains started developing; they knew they can’t take this hell any more. The boys after qualifying 10th exam had an offbeat going in their minds. They scampered, walking through the streets all alone. These boys had no escape plan so they continued scooting and destiny stopped them in Gujarat. They started collecting money and studying hard. They did a night job of salesman and lived beggar’s life till many years just to fulfil their dreams. The boys started living in a rent house for years.
Sooner or later, their time came. The time when they were on their feet’s. Guess what?
They started a mill factory. 
Here this uncanny thing happened, their step-mother heard about it and went to meet them, and special movement was when the boys accepted her as she was and then used to take care of their step-mother, father and their 5 years old sister. This movement of happiness lasted for ever.
This was a simple but true story from Kashmir, there are many other people who struggle for Education and even some of them are lucky enough to have it! 
This story was about how these boys studied even when they had nothing.
“You can have education, if you want to” 
"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution"