Sunday, 6 November 2016


There's sagacity, pride in women
 their thoughts are wiser, more then they show
there's no fault in her to confess
 it’s us who makes women a mess. 
Her conviction, her trust
write them in words,
 they will shine like lust,
punch them in sky,
let the man watch their cries. 
Women moves through the world,
 with confidence and elegance  
She knows how to live and how to give. 
She has always risen from groom,
 inspired all and wiped their tears,
 she always stand by all. 
Her needs and desires,
 she knows how to express
feel the strength of her hands,
 she possess defiance. 
The life she leads is of her own creation. 
Did you see when she was shattered?
Tear-drops falling like that of ocean.
 Now she knows to be true,
 with everyone she will begin,
through struggle and success,
 she will be ready to contest. 
You might call her nothing
but I call her caring, sharing, sturdy and tender
I am enthralled and will always stand be her.
 As I call her a women!