Thursday, 10 November 2016

A sparkle in my eyes- DEAR ZINDAGI

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Dear Zindagi,

 perceived what you gave me; I've sensed the pain that made

my heart ache. I know
you've gone through the time which you

 supposed to see but since you were not alone, someone

stood by it, left all be tears and suffering.

 Dear Zindagi, I don’t have any complains and I don’t want to ask

you any question, after all it’s me who has to agony to find the


 You were supposed to make me cheerful, help me when I was in

any mess but alas! What you did was “kept watching me”

 Hoping one day you’ll notice me, I was grateful I had you.

 I could have ended you, it wasn't a big deal but you’re so lucky,

caring, I knew you already left a sparkle.

 I have heard about you from my mama, my grandpa talks about

you. She seems so happy when I hear your stories but it wasn't the

part I knew!

 Whichever part I know, I wish I would've never known that, I wish

you would have kept it a secret.

 You have been pretty bad to be since you started floating in my

body. Why did you infuse me the wrong way, when I had a chance

to change my road?

 It wasn't long when you showed me the right path; I wish you

would've done that earlier.

 Dear Zindagi, it doesn't matter for you but it changed a lot about


 Today I'm grateful, I have what I was supposed to have earlier but

it’s never too late.

 I have people who care about me, I have friends with whom I

share my greatest secrets’ and have fun, I have a family who does

whatever it takes to make me smile.

 I have everyone without you.

 Right now I'm running towards you, trying to find you!

 But Alas! You’re running faster like you don’t want to stay with

me, like I'm that boring even you left me.

 This isn't the real end, if it were the end I would have not


 I’ll keep finding you, it’s never too late in fact it’s earlier than it

should have been.

 Thank you for showing me the right direction after all the

tragedies’. Thank you for being with me when even hope left me.

Thank you for showing me that “there are people who care”

 “I’ll never forget you, you’ll always be by my side.”


Escaping Reality.

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