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Soul of the Nature

Picture taken by © Sammah Masoodi

It was a wintry day when I was sitting alone; eating Burger with my mouth wide open when suddenly with a ‘tap-tap’ I closed my mouth just to check my account.
I was shocked, happy but felt a little dejected because I couldn't even think of wasting an hour even though I almost waste 22 hours a day. All my past flew back; Like this was when I filled a form for some training sessions.
It was about a year ago and because of my filling up the form I was selected for a trip to village. I was excited because I've never seen one before. Thinking about how it feels there made me feel dizzy. I knew the place where I’d been living was also a village but “seeing and living” is different.
The day came when we were called to attend a meeting at Sub-district hospital Sopore, we were asked to make people aware of Adolescence and adolescent teen. I was there with my friend Basit who decided that we’ll mix up our speech. It’s always me who make things worse, so I decided to do in his way.
We actually hadn't prepared anything and a day after our visit we were selected for anchoring. It was hectic but ‘giving up is not what we were trained for’.
After a long run, finally the day arrived. I was at my maternal house to celebrate “the big day” “Eid milad un-nabi” and doing the formalities like Shabb, fasting was my birth happiness.
I felt the warmth in my head, with a bang the van stopped. What I saw was a same old place. Green trees filled with even deeper happiness, a simple line of grass was confident enough to fly high. Holding my head, I heard me smiling.
A tree was an obstacle with what stood between me and them. I saw no one out their maybe they were afraid of those army men standing near the trees with a pistol.
I went inside a steel broken gate, covered with grass as cold as the atmosphere there. I had to jump to feel the wonders inside me. Beneath my feet, the grills were hurting me, like I was walking for some religious purpose. I've never felt amazing but at the same time sad because I knew I had to leave this heaven.
Heaven isn't for people who have no religious beliefs. Heaven isn't for people who don’t believe in omens. Everything is maktub ‘unwritten’ I've learned this word from Alchemist but it’s true with every step we are bestowed with Omens. They’re not always positive but understanding Omens is not my  alchemacy.
Talking with green grass and those black birds, welcoming me in their world of wonders.
Wearing long pherans, I saw some boys playing cricket. They stopped when I walked by.
I should’ve dressed like the atmosphere around. I was wearing a long cream coat, a short multi-colour sweater and a parrot green jeans. I wasn't able to do anything about it, besides I was there to teach the ‘women of wonders’.
Wrinkled women, cute children and ladies were standing there with their scarf covering their cheeks.
I with a positive atmosphere I smiled and wished them ‘salaam’
Innocent women with rage in eyes because they had to leave their house to attend the programme.
One by one, I faced every single wonder, something which I wasn't able to understand felt inside me.
Again I jumped up to enter a room with some pencil graffiti “things written in broken English” and some ladies welcomed me with a strong look. Also with some broad broken benches and instead of podium what we had was a small table. We stood behind the table-podium, uncomfortable but OK.
At least I was standing with something covering my green legs.
Some one among them shouted “ kar tav we start, aayse chu gari sunn ranun”(start the show now, we have to cook rice)
I stared the educator with us, but I couldn't say anything. I had to respect her, after all she was right.
I started without even requesting them to stay quite; because of my high vocal range, chatterbox always stays calm. That’s the advantage of being the girl I am.
I started with my drama; with my speech and anchoring I made them laugh enough.
“The people who are most hurt are the one who can start pinning your stomach”
Wearing a pink frock and spectacles, among all those women was a lady, old enough to stare my green legs… She seemed
annoying and disturbed. “There is that one kid in the classroom” you know…
So, while concluding my speech I asked them if they had any question. Everyone was quite, maybe I left no mark.
After a moment, that old lady stood up roaring “hatay hai… wuth ve thodd, yum komay chei eeyt! Hay vu tuhe kum chu… wuth ve thodd”
( Ahoy, stand up. Who the hell are they? Show them who you are and what you've got. Stand up!)
My heart stopped. The soul of the nature was showing me an omen to stay positive.
People are said to have an “addictive personality”, the way they act depends on only one solemn. There is only one way to change these manners. That’s known as “soul of the nature
Soul doesn't only refer to a human being. It refers to the nature, the cold mountains, the buzzing bees, the dancing grass, the blue sky.
Manners, discipline and behaviour depends on the soul of nature. Soul can itself judge other souls. If the atmosphere is positive, everything will appear positive. It is the wonder of nature just like the wonder of women.

Again I started my anchoring when that old lady stood up saying “booze we, yeli bei lakat eases… aati eeys ne eeys motor, gadiie aasan. Bei gasa gari 4:00 pm aaysen. Aaze chu koren nikhre tii naaz”
(listen up! when I was a kid, we didn’t have the motor cars and bikes… I should’ve been home at 4:00 pm. today girls have craze and ego)
this was enough to change my colour. I increased my vocals.
“That’s past what you’re talking about. “Soul of the nature” changes with time.
The girls weren't sent to school and they were OK with washing the utensils. Right? Today, show me a girl who’ll want to stay home washing a plate.”
“It all depends on atmosphere; it wasn't only the habits of girl that changed. Even the price and vulgarity increased.”
To let them understand what nutrition means, I took out some chocolates.
This time another woman wearing a grey pheren and a grey scarf shouted “ Aaayse mei haav ye chocolate, mune nichu gayse aagai de”
( Don’t show us the chocolates, my son will start crying )
I blushed, without even thinking I left the “table-podium” offering his son a chocolate and shared the left with other kids.
“Winning their heart was better than losing a chocolate.”
Suddenly the atmosphere changed. Oh, it isn't that atmosphere which I was talking about. It’s different.
Next moment it was raining.
Till then I wasn't able to understand what it meant but now I know it was an Omen, a positive Omen. A gift from God because we found success while dealing with those wonders.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Sweet are the recollections of the childhood of a man. These fill one’s mind with joy when one looks back to the days of childhood. Every child passes its days in the midst of the affection and anxieties do not trouble the innocent mind of the child.
I kind of remember everything and today I thought maybe I'll just make your day or bring a smile on your face. I have two reasons for writing this
1) To make your day
2) It's the birthday of my friend who helped me a lot. So, isn't this a better idea then giving a gift? 

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Shoaib Moona


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I don’t actually remember what happened. Anyway, it was a warm day, the sun came out of nowhere when all I could do was shut my eyes and make a snowman out of me. I wasn't admitted to school. So, those days at grandma’s house I used to climb a window on second floor and view the world, mostly the neighbours. I guess it smelled good in there.
One day, while I was looking outside my glass, I was actually trying to peek when suddenly I fell from my workplace. It felt like um… “Who knows” but I didn't shouted much like kids do because I fell in a bucket.
Next moment my mom came outside and started crying, my brother was laughing and my uncle came ‘all exhausted’. He picked me up and started running towards the nearest hospital.
The second time when everyone burst into laughing was when the doctor heard the incident. I mean I was kind of bleeding.
As always the doctor poured some red-yellowish substance ‘iodine’ on cotton and this piece of cotton started coming closer to me. My eyes were wide as I was staring this piece, I kind of forgot everything.
Somehow I was into this substance.
As the substance came closer to me,
“I opened my mouth too wide and too vast.” It was the world for me.
The doctor stopped and the third time I heard loud giggling somewhat like ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha’
After all I was born to be a Foodie.

                              FROG VS. RAT 

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Trust me guys! It was fun.
Basically it was all about the frogs but somehow my parents involved a rat. ‘More like a dead one’
Like all those kids of our age we did those experiments. What exactly we used to do was to pick up a bunch of frogs and separate their body parts and then collect them in different boxes. After collecting almost 2-3 boxes we used to empty them by throwing the collecting in a well. It was an idiotic step but for us, raising our head high in spirit was also a part of this mission like we travelled the space.
Once we went inside the house trying to understand our dad on what great adventure we were and how we completed it.
What exactly can you expect our dad to do?
Offer us a plate of biryani or to lock us in four different rooms?
Well, latter always shows effect.
‘Bad kids’ A Tag given to us by our parents, neighbours and relatives.
This Tag changed to ‘Worse kids’ when we stopped collecting frogs.
we made a deal of ‘never-touch-frog-again’
It felt kind of boring until next day we saw a dead rat in the garden right on the concrete floor.
Who thought this was wrong?
Well, at least we weren't touching the frogs. Right?
We made an ‘ADRS’ (first alphabet of our names) plan and somehow we got hold of a kitchen knife.
I remember how the knife went up and slowly like in movies it started falling back, right into his stomach. I guess hurting that ‘dead rat’.
You know, all we could see were ‘more over 100 tiny insects’ loaming out of nowhere.
We actually did a very nice job.
I mean we saved a bunch of insects and some rice for next two days as some family members refused to eat.

                     AN INTERESTING ANSWER

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Have you ever wondered how you were born.
Oh, you know the answer!
Why am I even asking?
Wait, I’ll just rearrange the question.
‘When you were a child, have you ever wondered how you were born’?
For me it was ‘the biggest question’ every now and then I used to ask my mom how I was born.
I kind of did everything to know the answer. I used to clean my room (which still is messed up), I used to clean the wash room, and I even stopped playing that snake game.
After much blackmailing, finally my mom explained it to me.
‘Once upon a time, as always it was a cold winter day. Everyone preferred to stay indoors. We had already saved everything to survive while shutting down the whole world.
The days were same as they used to be ‘boring’ but one day a miracle happened.
It was the lunch time, we were eating the rice, as we completed eating I stood up and went outside to clean the sheet. It was cold so, I hurried but something stopped me. ‘Your voice Sammah’ ‘your voice’ stopped me. I looked back and between heaps of snow I saw a cute little fat baby girl. I was shocked for a moment but miracles like this happen.
I picked you up and here you are questioning ‘the magic’
my mouth was all open. I was like ‘wow’ “imagining the moment I fell from the sky”
after thinking and thinking I finally managed to say “so, instead of you if my Pufi had picked me up then she was supposed to my mama. Right?
My mom laughed and of course she said “yes”
And I actually believed it for almost 7 years.


Friday, 25 November 2016

Top 10 reasons why you should hate Modi/Top 10 ten things you should know about Modi

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Born in 1950 in a family of Grocery shop owner, Modi started selling tea at a bus stand due to his financial problems and not being virtue at studies.
Because of his hard work he became the CM of Gujarat back in 2002. Since 26 May 2014, he has been serving as the prime minister of the world’s seventh largest country ‘India’. He is also the leader of Bharatiya Janta Party and a Member of Parliament.
Being the PM of India, he has some flaws and negativity.
In Feb. 2002, he was involved in something so bad that humanity was put to shame.
There are some facts about India’s PM with which most people are not familiar with and here is a list of The Top 10 ten things you should know about Modi and at the same time 10 ten reasons why you don’t really know Modi.

1. FAKE DEGREES             
                            Image result for modi fake degree

Basically the moment one hears “tea seller” one naturally starts wondering about how he got his degrees with an expression ‘OMG! If he really had some degree why was he serving India as a tea-seller?’
That’s not my justification for why his degrees are fake.
Let’s talk about his official birthdate, it’s September 17, 1950, but when his degree certificate doesn’t seem to agree with us on that as it says ‘nope, it’s august 29, 1949.’

It can’t just be an uninvolved inaccuracy. The date, month and year are totally not coordinating. There’s a difference of about a year.
According to Modi, “It was just a rude mistake” but again that’s not the only rationale. In his BA mark sheet, his name is printed as ‘Narendra Kumar Damodard Modi’ while in his BA and MA degree certificates, his name is spelled as ‘Narendra Damodard Modi’
Think about it! No explanation to what just happened with his name and dear readers, you should really hear this;
The College from where he obtained his MA degree has no known history of political science and when asked, again he had nothing to say about it.
Modi seems like a nice pal to have with you, he already has made so many friends since his becoming the PM. Ever give a thought about his degree mates? Being more like a celebrity, his mates would have raised hands clamming that ‘No! No! He was in the exam cell, sitting right next to us’ but they seem like unborn.
Whoops...Even the media has nothing to say about it.
If the ‘Prime minister of India’ can crook and artifice when it comes to degree! Why can’t he double-cross India?

2. Prime Minister? More like travel buddy.
Image result for modi travel

Modi has visited 44 countries in just 2 years including 54 foreign trips to six continents and in last 15 months alone, he has visited 25 countries. In fact his visit to US was double the two times.
Since Modi became PM of India, he has travelled almost every day.
According to my research, in 2014 Modi has visited 10 countries, in 2015 he has visited 30 countries and in 2016 he visited 17 countries.
And if we take a look at India, it’s more like suffering in a very bad situation. People are on roads, they have no clothes, no shelter and about 21.9% of its population is below its official poverty limit. Or about 276 million people live below $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity. But not caring about these facts, Modi has become more like a ‘travel buddy’. No doubt before taking this position in India, he promised to erase poverty as much as he could but it’s clear enough for us to see that he doesn’t intend anything such.

Modi’s travel bills cost INR 3.17 billion. Think about it! Instead of wasting all this money if he actually would have contributed it to poor families. He could have melted our hearts but instead he chooses not to care about his own people.
Isn’t that enough to hate him? Air India spent INR 1.17 billion in 2015-16 on Modi’s travel and, yes, they did provide some economic benefit, but is that enough?
In May, during the droughts in India, Sankaracharya (leader of Hindu religion and freedom fighter) focused PM on building toilets but instead of doing that PM ensured people had drinking water and after that he wasn’t seen in India because he was so busy in packing.
People die, families cry and richer grows richer! That’s what is happening in India.
The real truth is that most of them aren’t suffering anymore. They just committed suicide! Shan't I say, “Eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor.”

3. Modi vs. Media

Before people elected Modi as the PM of India, media believed that if there is someone who can save India it’s him, Narendra Modi. But that was before, right?
Today even an illiterate person can understand the tricks the Indian lion is playing with them and now even the Indian media is opposing him and questioning his methods.
Every time Modi tries to make things right he does his best but NOPE! Nothing comes off .
The media vs. Modi here refers to more like ‘media vs. invisible Modi.’ It’s quite bizarre.
Something happens in India, Modi is either the last person or the invisible person to speak about it.
‘Silence speaks louder than words.’ Talking about his part in 2002 Gujarat riots, Modi gave a bullet-shot answer because when the media tried to get the truth out of him he starts talking about Indian enemies, it’s not even relevant! And in a well scripted way he wished them GOOD LUCK!
In his interviews he comes out as an offbeat but, “Hey! He never acts rude.”
At the time when he was just the CM of Gujarat, he behaved in a very calm way. And now the script just changed.
It was pride that did this all! Even after all his hatred and fake promises, people would have still accepted him if he could have re-built a cooler relation with media.
And it looks like media is playing tug-of war with Modi.
Every time media try to question and they’re very close to get their answers, but in a sudden moment’s time, they fail.
In fact media is trying in every possible way to expose Modi and looks like Modi knows how to keep media with short turf.
By sharing clear and pure messages he actually leaves no way.


                             Image result for modi fake followers

You may really want to hear this! Modi is the most followed Indian on twitter and that’s really not a joke. He has more than 22.1 million followers on twitter and is the 2nd most followed politician in the whole world, after Barack Obama, according to Google. Well, now I think it’s the best time to lift the curtains and let ‘behind the scene’ part of the movie be played.According to a software created by a group of engineers in London which can calculate the percentage of fake followers on Twitter found that Modi’s account has 46% fake followers and 41% inactive users, manifesting that he only 13% of  his “21.1 million followers” are real.Talking about the people who follow him, they have never tweeted, have no followers, no profile picture and have more than 10 similar Twitter IDs. This cannot just be deemed a co-incidence.It’s like “everyone wants more and more followers on twitter but who does this fake policy”On 7th of April, his account added 280,000 followers.Just a single day!How? Your guess is as good as mine! You can shout out and say ‘Yup! Fake followers’
honestly speaking even if he is the most followed person in India, for what he has done, I don’t think he should have been one.


 5. Listed in Top Criminals by Google

                             Image result for modi in top criminals

This is the strangest argument we’re going to talk about.
Modi being the prime minister of India actually was listed in the list of top criminals by Google images.
You don’t believe me? Do you?
Google felt sorry for this ridiculous mistake but the truth remains uncovered. Now either they remove it or keep it. It’s not going to delete the memory in our brains.
Google replied by saying “we apologise for our confusions or misunderstandings this has created”
It wasn’t imprecise what Google said. On an average if a person murders someone he gets locked for a life-time but here ‘Was it his luck or his position that saved him! I can’t possibly say anything.’
He did crimes against humanity and put animals to shame.
Google is just a search engine, it can only come up with what’s already out there, it can’t manipulate facts.
The real truth is that Modi being the PM of India can’t handle the reality.
He was even internationally declared as a terrorist and for this reason his visa was denied by USA but that was before he became the PM of India.
Meanwhile, according to some people being a terrorist is not something new for him.

6. FAKE PROMISES                             

                                           Image result for modi fake promises

Every leader makes promises, well! That’s what actually leaders do to get votes. But here, in Modi case it looks more like ‘are you kidding me’?
He has made so many promises that even he forgot about them! Every campaign for Modi was Fake. Everything he did was opposite to what he used to say.
Today he rules more than 1.3 billion people but it’s all based on lies. He actually knows how to lie and make fool out of people.
Patriots! close your eyes. You don’t have to read this one.
If I’ll start making a long list, we all are going to feel dizzy. So, let’s see the basic crazy promises he has made and, sorry to say! Do they even exist?
His schemes for spurious medicines which instead of curing diseases proved economic benefit and created more illness. He even promised to bring down prices, create employment, make the country corruption free but as I said he failed. Not just failed! He actually did nothing!
In Assam he promised to solve foreigners’ issue on Muslims, forgetting that every Muslim is a foreigner for him.
He even blamed ex. Prime minister of India ‘Manmohan Singh’ and made fun of him when it came to ‘money fall’ but the reality is that when he became the ‘prime minister of India’. It was even worse.
Clean-up of Ganga? Wi-Fi zones? Tourist projects? Task force? Centre-state relation? Social issues? Rationalisation? Fund for modernisation?  FEI? RPWD? Sports system?
Ah! Never mind these all are just words.


7. Mann Ki Baat (ideas in mind)             

                             Image result for mann ki baat

Mann ki baat is a monthly programme organized by PM Modi. In this programme he speaks out his heart and desires broadcasted live on all India radio and Doordarshan.
Is “Mann ki baat” really a meaningful programme? No doubt it has ‘some advantages’ but not talking about supreme things on a specific time doesn’t make it much powerful.
Evidence? Well! I grabbed some.
On 22nd Mann ki baat programme, Modi spent about 35 minutes talking to the listeners on AIR about some government initiatives for pregnant women, placing importance to Rio Olympics, he also spent ample time talking about a very unimportant topic ‘Rakhi- bond’ (Bond of Protection
between brother and sister)
Not even throwing a little ray on Kashmir issue, atrocities against Dalits mainly by ‘Gau rakshaks’ (Indian Cow Protection Organization)
That time whole Kashmir was shut down, more than 1000 were injured in just one day but Modi being the PM of India ignored the main problems while the “integral part” and the rest India was waiting for him to speak about K-issue.
What came out was creating a bond.
Even Dalit case wasn’t any ordinary one. The Indian Dalits i.e. ‘people who belong to the lowest caste’ were beaten, raped, abused and killed. In Rajasthan 50-65% of all crimes have Dalits as victims.
Meanwhile in Bihar, about 6721 to 7893 cases of atrocities against Dalits were reported. Most of the Dalit families are unemployed due to their “low caste” but Modi turned a blind eye on these problems.
In 2015 he delivered a speech mentioning
Dilip Singh Malviya, a 71 year old mason from Madhya Pradesh, who offered to build toilets for his village mates at no cost. But what Malviya told India express was something different. He said that ‘I never said don’t pay me? I only said pay me when you get money, I have 8 children, my wife. I have a family’


Here comes the ‘game changer’, MEDIA! A member of Aam Aadmi party, Mr. Ashutosh blamed Modi for wholly being a national threat. 
A threat for whole India!
Ashutosh blamed him not only as a threat but also for breaching national security during a terror attack in Pathankot in 2016.
Modi was called to be the biggest threat to humanity because he permitted some Pakistani officials in Pathankot and were blood-washed!
This incident was not much famous indeed you may not know about it but according to the political parties in India he is considered as a threat.
In Kashmir ‘the integral part of India’, in 2016 more than 100 people have been killed by the “security forces” and Kashmiri economy has suffered INR 1000+ crore. Modi was not able to blame anyone for this crisis and he hardly showed any interest in ‘Kashmir freedom issue’ it clearly shows that PM is interested in land and not in people.
“People are blind, world is not blind” this stuff clearly says that ‘yes! Modi! You heard me right, you’re a national threat’

Even most of the people on twitter show little importance to Mann ki baat programme.
And again ‘without checking, he goes on saying! Without doing something, he goes on shouting!’



 He actually wasn’t the Prime minister of India, he was born with a malicious brain, and he proved that when he killed more than 2000 Muslims in Gujarat. This fuss started when people made him the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001.
It wasn’t long before Hindus started playing “revenge” game on Muslim neighbours.
According to my research about 98,000 people were displaced and more than 1000 Muslims were killed, about 25000 injured and 223 were reported missing and about 40000 people lost their homes.
It was Modi’s army, his people who started raping, burning, and murdering and instead of trying to preventing, protecting the people, what did he do? He actually supported it. Astounding, isn’t it?
Back in 2002 he was a member of Hindu nationalist ideology and “instructed nothing against! Enjoyed blood! ”. According to the oxford dictionary a Murderer is
A person who commits murder.”
Isn’t that what he did? Many people tried to arrest him but failed! Now, he’s not only the Chief Minister, but became the Prime minister of India, roaming freely around the country.
It is also believed that Modi led some extra special people in killing the Muslim population and looks like they vanished from earth.
He is not a role model but a fake idol! Even Sonia Gandhi (President of the Indian National Congress party
since 1998) calls Modi “maut ka saudagar” (Dealer of death). And now people of India are actually looking forward to him leabing the seat. But guess what? He won’t.
Now the question remains “will they ever get justice?”


10. Modi should not have been the PM of India

 What if he is a bad leader?
What if he isn’t?
The truth remains unanswered but, Oh! The truth just leaps out, it say’s “Who said he isn’t a bad leader? He really is”
After those 9 points do you really think this person should lead a nation for a term of 5 years?
Looking at the situation in India, he can’t even rule for one day. The strange thing is that even being the PM of India, the ex. Prime minister has to repeat it 100 times in his ear ‘you are the PM of India’
according to ex. PM of ‘Manmohan Singh’, “the situation in India is worse and the government is not able to do anything”. Even if we look at Modi’s background, it seems peculiar to have him as the PM and when talking about 2002 Gujarat Riots, he should have been in jail.
‘History repeats itself’ totally makes sense here!
Modi is failing in every aspect. It’s been 2 years since he ruled India and he has actually made farmers commit suicide.
Every thing can come back, the harmony, that beauty in Goa, pride of Mumbai city, people laughing on streets, kids walking without having fear of getting kidnapped. This all can come back but we’ll just have to make some simple changes in India like change the government, speak a little less and do things, more importantly, change the PM.
Another question is being raised here:
He was a ‘tea-seller’ and now he has become one of the richest men.
Now the question that I raise is;
Does he want to make everyone in India a “tea-seller”?
If yes,
transpire. If no, terminate NOW!

Now that's what came in my mind!
either you think he's right for you or not, I just put down some facts about him!

Hope you like it in a positive way!