A Kashmir based  student, Sammah Masoodi is 15 year's old and has been passionate about writing Since she was 10 year's old. She is a freelance independent writer, inspired by many authors like Preeti Shenoy, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho and her friends to change her random words into sparkling, meaningful write up's.
She is a student and loves to write unaccompanied until she becomes a good penman.
An achiever and dreamer by heart, she has preached love and believes that "Life is what you make it"

She is a motivational speaker and debater. She has won the most promising journalist award and hopes to achieve her dreams.
Her posts were published on Rising Kashmir, Varmul PostWith Kashmir and NDTV
you can follow her on social media, she's always active to answer your questions and to help you in any way.

Her Blog is an effort to collect her short stories, poems, quotes, articles, trending, and other stuff.


"I don't define Impossible!"
"Big or small, there's a difference only you can make!"


You must be wondering about it?
Living in Kashmir is such a mystery that mysteries can't even define it!
People lie without even feeling a penny of guilt.
Telling the truth is more like gaining 'The Trust' from people.
The truth is the highest attribute of God! on Truth, the whole universe is build.

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