Saturday, 1 April 2017

Life It used to be in sopore

I looked outside my tendered window,
the sky was smiling so were the flowers
Rushing downstairs’ I let my burden fall
Time was running I looked for life
I wondered it was true
the beautiful mountains, the buzzing light of snow,
the happiness falling, I wondered it for real
The stories we heard from our pa’s
Rushing grass of soyapur
Jackals calling loud our name
as orchard paddy farm with fame
I dreamt about it every day until I woke up that day,
Sopore was expanded in all direction
 so was the beauty as it fades away.
Fading tourist spots for erect structure make their way,
I felt astounding to look up,
As I waited for the dust to settle
My head, My head hangs in shame.
Shame on you, Oh! People
 How come u not lift a finger,
 for when has holding a broom been sin for you.
The wiz n wheels of Iqbal market,
The crowd of people and the aged
plus the flow of garbage of foul
I wonder how this cooperation ignores.

Future of kids and future of business,
when buried in garbage
even hiding our faces,
Ergo! Eradicating our future.

The roads of ash peer,
the fragrance of Jhelum
I bite my tongue and hold my breath
I stop my grandpa, I stop myself,
for what I’ve seen is dust and decay

Those paths of sparking diamond,
I wonder how cruel humanity is.
For we stand at bay
for we never let a dustbin to stay
for caring of our house
and not that on roads.
Was it us or the government?
together we stand at bay
paying no heed for once Sopore
that life once drenching in light,
now wild beast punching us at times.

While they surround us in darkness,
we let us stay in fake hope
left somewhere back in their minds,
while the govt. warms and sleeps tight.